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Drawing, Coloring and Art Book for Kids 4-12 years

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Join the global initiative of raising the next generation of creative leaders, engineers, and scientists. Thousands of kids are being catapulted into the magical world of S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). This book is to inspire kids to love STEM through doodling and coloring. It enables kids to get familiar with various STEAM careers while drawing and coloring them.

It encourages kids to appreciate the world of engineers, scientists, and creators.

Words like architects, biologists, astronauts, scientists, engineers, etc. have been embedded in this book for them to get curious. The science icons play a part in influencing their imagination.

*New Updated Edition includes more doodle projects for kids and an introduction to STEM careers*

Valued at $9.95 for FREE : Limited Offer!

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