Mind-blowing technologies in 2021 you need to talk to your kids about! #6 is simply extraordinary

In the last few decades, technology has progressed at an alarming rate. Whether we like it or not, our lives are intertwined with technology in every moment of our consciousness. We need to talk to our kids about them.

This year will be different. 2021 will see technologies skyrocket and massive advances in science. It is important to be aware of them and share information as a family.

With progress comes its own share of advantages and disadvantages and we should all aim for sustainable development. Introducing our children to the constant change that surrounds us is crucial from early years. They are natural learners and curious individuals, exposing them to scientific innovations and science of things may pique their interests in science and STEM.

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Our children belong to times where they constantly need to be connected technologically. As a result, it is only wise to teach them a set of skills that are original, ingenious and evolving that will make them future global citizens equipped with confidence, conviction and foresight.

Most importantly, our children can contribute and design tomorrow’s world by grasping the potential of the technological advancements and internet of things.

I would strongly encourage you to read this together with your kids.

Internet of things:

What is the Internet of Things (IoT) you may ask? IoT refers to a system of interrelated, interconnected objects or things that are able to collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention.

The term IoT is mostly used for objects that wouldn’t usually be expected to have an internet connection. So for example, a PC or a smartwatch isn’t considered an IoT device, while a smart thermostat or a fitness band is counted as one.

Let’s explore the 7 Mind-blowing Technologies in 2021, that are very much a part of our lives and kids must have the essential tools  to keep innovating and build a future that’s connected and efficient.

7 Mind-blowing Technologies in 2021, that our kids should know!


1) Wearable health monitors – 2020 has reminded us that no matter how much we succeed, health is mankind’s wealth. As COVID grapples us with death and uncertainty, loss of our dear ones beats us all.

Wearable technologies offer a convenient means to monitor many physiological features which are not only easy to use for us, but also offer real time data for physicians to analyse as well.

From predicting Alzheimer’s disease to detecting cancer cells in blood, IoTs have come a long way in helping us take care of our health in everyday life.

Brainstorming with Kids: What are the wearable technologies currently present, that can detect COVID? How does it work?


2) Autonomous farming equipment – Agriculture being one of the most basic necessities of mankind, it is interesting how digital technologies are emerging and creating multiple pathways to a smart farming future.

Autonomous farming is the next breakthrough innovation which is being paid attention to. The aim is to produce autonomous farming equipment including driverless tractors which could replace humans in the future, with the same precision and accuracy if not more.

Soft robotics is being developed to aid the entire process and maybe, learning coding from an early stage could turn out to be the perfect thing to explore.

Brainstorming with Kids: How can driverless farming benefit farmers? Can they afford it?







3) Car status – Cars are a necessity in today’s time. With the latest technology making cars more accessible and ‘smart’, the next question is, how would you know if your car battery is about to fail? IoT innovations aim to reduce service and maintenance costs, real time alerts of possible part failure, better prediction of performance of car over time and location as well as tracking driver’s habits, thus maximizing profit.

Brainstorming with Kids: What technology is Elon Musk planning to use to make his driverless cars?














4) Connected homes – Mood sensing music systems, smart lighting, smart mirrors, wireless kitchen appliances, automated windows and doors, intelligent heating and cooling, and robot vacuum cleaners are only a glimpse of what the future holds.

Your child could be the next person coding for all of it, if not more.

Brainstorming with Kids: What would you automate at home? Maybe a robot who can do your work?


5) Surgery made easy – IoT technologies are improving the world of surgery by providing high resolution surgical images being automatically saved and also stored to a secure cloud location that can be accessed whenever or wherever.

To make long surgeries even more pleasant for the staff and surgeons, IoTs are providing a better sound system, coupled with custom software, medical grade LCD displays and an IoT assistant to the most frequently used endoscope.

Here’s a real life story of how remote surgeries is a reality and will one day enable patients in rural areas to have access to better healthcare facilities and doctors, thanks to IoT.


6) Neural link Networking – Technology is trying to help patients with paralysis gain independence through the control of computers and other electronic devices. Communication via speech or text synthesis, using robotics, probes and electronics to create brain-computer interface and to achieve ‘symbiosis with artificial intelligence’ is the next big thing waiting in the future.

Here’s a small video on how it works:


7) Elon Musk Batteries – Nickel is the cheapest and the most energy dense materials that can be used in batteries. However, instead Cobalt is being currently used for its stability. However, Tesla aims to move to Nickel, bringing its batteries down to zero Cobalt, which would add up to 76 percent reduction in process costs and a move towards sustainability, with zero percent wastewater as byproduct. Tesla also aims to recycle Nickel from existing batteries, depending less on mining. The idea is to move towards sustainable development, with less mass on its vehicles, which makes them more agile and automated.

Brainstorming with Kids: What are the different kind of batteries you can think of? List or draw them.


Children who start coding from an early age, learn to be resilient, as it teaches them how to bounce back from failures every time a coding doesn’t work. It also encourages critical thinking, creativity and problem solving abilities.

Coding is one of the most promising careers in the future. Clearly, there shall be employment opportunities whether it be in the technology sector, finance, retail, health or education. With good programmers hard to come by, the salaries offered are lucrative.

Surprise your kids with this: Give your children the power to code the future

What did your kids think about the technological advances? Comment below 🙂

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