Great Parenting Rules for Raising a Genius

7 Parenting Rules that can Turn Any Kid Into a Genius

Parenting is a continuous process where there are no rights and wrongs. It is a trip where you are not just teaching the little one; but you are also on the journey to self-knowledge and discovery. You may read tons of books on parenting, but there is no fool proof method or a guarantee that your kids will grow up to be a genius at their craft.

However, there are 7 practices that can be followed as parents. The secret sauce to powerful parenting!

1. Being attentive

In today’s world, most parents tend to be too busy with their own lives and hardly have time to be attentive towards their kids. Truth be told, sometimes parents would rather check their work email than spend that time with their kids. As parents, we must spend quality time with them and help in boosting and reaffirming the young one’s self-esteem. Look at your child when they talk and respond adequately. Space out time in the week just for them.

2. Geniuses are Led By Example

When kids are taught to respect their elders from an early age, it is beneficial. They understand that their parents are taking care of the house and maintaining discipline. Kids get to have a remarkable experience and they grow wise. Sometimes when parents are caught up in their work, they take the initiative to solve the problem, instead of running to their parents for every little thing. They learn to get things done on their own. It also improves their self-assurance and “can-do” attitude. This makes them independent as they learn to trust themselves and their capabilities.


3. Encouraging them to help out.

They see adults doing work and they try to imitate that. If they see you doing dishes, they would be motivated to help. It is our responsibility to encourage kids to help around the house. They might not do it with profound dexterity and perfection, but accepting that and showing patience would have remarkable effect on your child.

4. Personal development and growth

While most parents encourage proper upkeep and external presentation, smart parents target inner development and growth. Instead of keeping them away from fun play, let them enjoy playing in the mud, splashing in the rain, jumping in puddles. Allow them to come home with their knees stained in the grass and a little messy.


5. Letting the energy flow

Kids love to play. They enjoy making things, running, jumping, climbing trees, chasing after butterflies. As parents we must encourage such activities. As long as they are safe and enjoying their play, it is important to show confidence and applaud their achievements. Be it little wins like climbing a fence, or placing the bird feeder in the trees.


6. Building trust

This is the biggest reward anyone can get or give: TRUST. When the kids are helping around the house, it is best to trust them and let them do things their way. To overshadow every move the child makes or point out every little mistake they make in the process, might not work in their favour and kill the enthusiasm.

7. Encourage independence

Growing up to be independent individuals is an important milestone in every child’s life. Teaching your children to try and do everything on their own, is an important skill to imbibe. Independent kids take responsibility for themselves and their actions . They do not sit around waiting for others to get their job done. They are proactive and they like to get things completed. This brings out the remarkable individuals in them


Sumita Mukherjee is International Best Selling Author and NASA STEM certified leader. Her website, ww.wizkids.Club was created with a vision to raise the next generation of creative leaders. WizKids.Club offers highly engaging kids activities, educational books, experiments, hands-on projects, DIYs, travel stories and engineering books perfect for children 4-12 years to spark creativity and scientific learning.

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