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The WIZKIDS CLUB is all about STEM and STEAM books, online courses, workshops, travel stories and inspirational books. It is perfect for children between 4-12 years age. This is brought to you by the WIZKIDS CLUB team, where you can “Imagine.Build.Play.“

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About me!! I am Sumita Mukherjee

I am a bestselling children’s book author and STEM/STEAM leader. I have been fortunate enough to travel around the globe, gather best practices and get familiar with various educational systems. My endeavour is to bring forth the best practices from around the globe in the form of books and courses for kids. From STEM and STEAM books, to mysteries and adventures series, I have put together my learning in this site, hoping to inspire and educate kids with the best!

The WIZKIDS CLUB was created with a vision to raise the next generation of creative leaders. In order to spark creativity and scientific learning, hands on activities, experiments, adventure books and exciting stories have been crafted for your kid. It is suitable for all kids between 6-12 years. As NASA’s STEM certified leader, I encourage parents to join the club and raise STEAM loving kids.
My experience and journey has been shared in television shows and education channels in North America, Singapore. Bring in the next generation of education.
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What is STEM?

STEM or STEAM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math, represents an integrated approach to education. Rather than teaching each subject in isolation, STEAM seeks to merge them into a cohesive learning framework grounded in real-world applications.

The core objective of STEM is to enhance engagement with these disciplines and establish their relevance to everyday life. Both parents and educators play a crucial role in helping students connect knowledge across various fields and foster a holistic perspective toward Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

STEM emphasizes computational thinking and problem-solving skills, often through project-based learning that encourages hands-on engagement. Lessons are designed to be dynamic and captivating, involving activities such as creating, constructing, and modeling. Providing children with opportunities to experiment, innovate, and explore within diverse contexts is essential for nurturing their curiosity and facilitating cross-disciplinary learning.