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A perfect course for little engineers and makers like your child.


Course description

If your kid likes to ask questions on how things work, build with paper, glue and tape and is constantly curious, you are in the right place.

This course is perfect for little engineers and makers like your child.

We will learn about forces, energy, animation, light, vision, electricity, gravity, air resistance, muscles, tendons and a ton of engineering sciences. It will help discover various principles of physics, chemistry and biology and how they work together as we engineer different gadgets and toys.

What will students learn in this course?

  • Build a parachute . This project will focus on parachute building with various materials, how it works, uses etc. About canopy, drag, suspension lines and load. As we build it will highlight the laws of physics, motion, forces and gravity. Fun facts and cool ideas around it.
  • Make a simple catapult with things around the house.  Learn about different forms of energy, gravity, projectile motion, forces and laws of physics. From its history to modern day usage. We will be discovering all the interesting facts.
  • Build a Zoetrope or the animation machine. Kids will learn about persistence of vision and principles of animation. From history of animation to light, brain and vision. Fun facts and cool ideas around it.
  • Build a moving fish aquarium. It will focus on simple machines, pulley, motors, belts, motion and conveyor belt mechanics. Fun facts and cool ideas around it.
  • Make a robotic arm, that will help us understand how robots or bionic arms work. Parts of the human hand, muscles, tendons. How robotic arms work and how bionic arms work. How they are helping humans and medicine.
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