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Simple Machines and Games

Invent your own Toys & Machines!


Course description

Do you like to build toys, take them apart and have fun with science? Do you want to know how stuff is made and make your own inventions? Then this course is perfect for you. 

You will create 6 awesome science projects using engineering and design. They can be used for science fairs, school projects or at-home hands-on activities.

Understand the physics behind how machines and toys work. Get started with building toys and simple machines with every day household goods.

Know the science behind gel books, lava pens, simple elevators, rockets, zip-line, projectors and more

What will students learn in this course?

1) How to make a Gel Sensory Book
2) Build Simple Pulley Elevators
3) Make a Squishy Notebook
4) Liquid Lava Pen
4) Make a Shoe-Box Projector
5) Up-cycle Paper Seed Balls
6) Build a Zip-line


Stories of young inventors, creators with engineering design challenges and activities. It is to inspire kids to become young inventors and future world leaders.


BONUS E-Book: 


You have created projectors, elevators, seed balls and so many toys. Now it’s time to know more about famous inventors and get inspired.  

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