Scratch Programming for Kids and Beginners: Learn to Code Level 2

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Scratch Coding for Kids & Adults : Level 2


Learn to make video games, animations, games and more with scratch programming. Best for beginners, parents and teachers

Master it with end-of-the-lesson brain games, fun activities, keyword milestones, guide books, quizzes & answer keys!  


Course description

Help kids to learn how to code advanced games, extend their knowledge and skills, then use what they have learned to create their own animations, stories, and games.

This course is designed for educators, teachers, homeschoolers and parents who want to re-direct their child’s natural enthusiasm for playing games into creating games and coding. It is also to learn design, creative coding, make video games and story animations.

The content is designed to be fun! Students will learn essential techniques for creating cool animations and create some of the most popular games: Cat and mouse chase, dodgeball, dance party, musical band performance, galactic blaster video game, and many more.

These games are handpicked to effectively learn computer science and programming topics while having fun along the way. This course is designed for

  • Parents or teachers who want to give their children the best skills and most fun.

  • Beginners and intermediate coders who want to learn to advance games and techniques

  • Anyone new to programming who doesn’t know where to start

Your child will build confidence with Scratch, acquire essential game coding skills, and improve their creative, math, and computational thinking skills.I had fun creating this course and really excited to welcome you in the growing field of Computer Science. Can’t wait to have you in the course!

What will BEGINNERS' learn in this course?

1) Jump straight into coding: Creating Cat & Mouse Chasing Game

2) Making Musical Instruments Animation 

3) Making Dance Party Animation

4) Making Dodge The Ball Game

5) Coding Galactic Blaster Game 


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