9 DIY- Cute homemade Christmas gifts made by kids

DIY 1-A sparkly snowy winter snowball
Items needed for creating this masterpiece:
• A decent size glass jar
• A hot glue gun
• Teeny weeny dolls, or play doll furniture or Lego pieces – a figurine of your choice really
• Sparkly glitter
• Water
• A very small Christmas tree – you can get it at any toy or craft shops
How to create this master piece
It is so fun and so easy to do. Take the lid of your Jar and hot glue the teeny weeny doll, lego (whatever you have chosen) to the inside of the lid. Then also glue the Christmas tree to the inside of the lid. Afterwards your child can fill up the jar with water, about 3/4 full then pour some of the sparkly glitter into the water. Once done take the lid then close the jar (at this point everything you have hot glued is in the water). And here comes the magic part, once done, shaky shake the jar to see your final product- a sparkly snowy winter fairyland snowball ready to go.

DIY 2-Pretty Pasta delights
Items needed for creating this masterpiece:
• A hot glue gun
• Shinny metallic paint-but any colours will do really
• And lotsa lotsa different shaped pasta (uncooked)
• Glitter

How to create this master piece
Take the pasta and start gluing it to the designs and shapes that you like. Once you are done gluing it together you can start painting it with metallic gold or silver, but like I said whichever colour makes you happy. After painting you can sprinkle some glitter on the wet paint in order to give it a sparkly look. Have fun with this and let your creativity go wild!

DIY 3-Christmas Candy Mice
Items needed for creating this masterpiece:
• Some yummy candy canes
• Craft foam
• Hot glue
• Miniature pom-poms for eyes and nose
• Martha Stewart’s mouse pattern
• Scissors

How to create this master piece
Take the craft foam and use the mouse pattern from Martha Stewart to cut out the body of the mouse as well as the ears. Feel free to use any colour craft foam. After cutting the craft foam, carefully glide the ears through the ear openings. Also glue the smaller ear parts onto the ears. Glue on the small pom-poms as eyes and ears. Once everything is totally dry, you can glide the candy cane (the tail) through the other split. Then tadaa! Your mouse is ready for your tree.

DIY 4-Handprint Snowman Ornament

Items needed for creating this masterpiece:
• Ordinary and Plain coloured ornament
• A paintbrush that you will use on your hand
• Acrylic paint-pick any colours that you like, make sure that white is definitely one of them
How to create this masterpiece:
Take your child’s hand and paint it with the white paint. Once you have painted a nice layer on the palm of their hand, place the ornament somewhere in the middle of their hand then get your child to gently squeeze the ornament. Careful not to break it ☺ Your child can gently remove their hand from the ornament carefully so that the white paint doesn’t end up on your sheets! You will realise that their handprint look like little snowmen.
Once they have done a couple of ornaments get them to wash their hands please, for the safety of your own house! Let the ornaments dry, you can leave them overnight to be safe.
Now this is where the fun starts, where you ‘dress up’ the snowman whichever way you like. You can draw eyes with paint brush, stick on a carrot nose, and cut pieces of cloth to make scarfs and gloves. You can even pot dots of white around the ball to give the snowing effect. Hang on the tree when done. Enjoy!

DIY 5- Ink Paint Prints
Items needed for creating this masterpiece:
• Art paper, preferably the slightly heavier kind
• Paints in different colours
• Glitter if you like it
• Paintbrushes in case you choose to use them
• A picture frame
• Coloured cardstock or wrapping paper that can be used in the background

How to create this masterpiece:
Firstly fold the paper in half, then on the one half (without putting paint on the other side just yet) sprinkle some paint in different colours, some glitter. Once done fold down the other half and press the two sides together. Once done, gently open the paper so that you can see your magnificent Rorschach painting. Let it dry, once dry put your painting onto of the Coloured cardstock or wrapping paper so that your design has a background. Then put it in the frame. Masterpiece finished little Picasso!

DIY 6- Pretty Glycerine Soap

Items needed for creating this masterpiece:
• Glycerine Soap
• Scissors
• Glitter if you like it
• Any molds of your choice
• Microwaveable Container
• Colourful Tissue Paper
• Cello bags
• Any kind of ribbon

How to create this masterpiece:
Firstly break the glycerine soap into little pieces and put it into the microwaveable container. Then take the colourful tissues papers and cut them into small little squares, the tinnier the better really. Afterwards set the microwave for 30seconds and microwave the soap, then stir and microwave for a further 30seconds. These times may change depending on the amount of soap you are working with, overheating it will cause it to bubble and we don’t want that.
Pour the melted soap into the mold, drop some of colourful tissues papers and then stir just a little bit to ensure that the colours mix up. Throw in some glitter if you wold life. Leave it in the mold and let them cool for 30-60minutes then remove the soap from the molds. Pop the soap into cello bags then wrap some ribbon around them and you ready to give them away as gifts!

DIY 7- Rock paperweight love

Items needed for creating this masterpiece:
• 1/4 cup of salt
• 1/4 cup of water
• 1/2 cup of flour
• A mixing bowl
• A cookie sheet
• Some pebbles

How to create this masterpiece:
Start by preheating your oven at 250 degrees. Now in the bowl mix the flour, the salt and water together in order to make some dough. Once done, roll the dough into a ball then flatten it out. You should do this on the cookie sheet. Then your child can take the pebbles and write (put pebbles on the dough) any message to anyone on the dough.
When done shove it into the microwave and bake it for 2 hours alternatively until it’s hard and dry. Let it cool overnight and the next morning you will have a personalised rock hard message! Can be used as a door stop or a paper weight.

DIY 8- Creatively made crayons

Items needed for creating this masterpiece:
• Old, broken, idle crayons that are not in use, use different colours
• Silicone ice cube trays that have funky cool shapes
• An oven
How to create this masterpiece:
Ensure to preheat the oven up to 200 degrees. Ask you kids to remove all the paper from the crayons. Afterwards break the crayons into small pieces then put them in the silicone ice cube trays. Feel free the mix the colours. Bake in the oven for around 20minutes or so. Remove from the oven and let them cool. Afterwards remove them from the silicon tray. And there you have it, your own personalised cool crayons! This is a wonderful gift to give to your siblings and friends.

DIY 9- Pounded Flower bookmarks
Items needed for creating this masterpiece:
• Assorted pretty flowers
• A rock or a wooden hammer
• Wax paper
• Scissors
• Ribbon
• Watercolour paper
• Wax paper
• Hole puncher

How to create this masterpiece:
You enjoy reading but don’t have any bookmarks to keep track of where you are? Well this is a very easy and pretty way to create your own bookmarks. Put the flower on the watercolour paper, followed by covering it with wax paper. Now it’s time to pound the flower. You can use either the rock or a wooden hammer. Keeping pounding until you see patterns that you like. Do the exact same thing with the flowers. When you have completed creating your mastery. Cut the new beautiful flowery paper into bookmark shapes. You can punch a hole on a chosen end, slide the ribbon through the hole and then tie it. Know go forth and make use of your new favourite bookmark and continue reading.


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