A lot of families today have less time for each other because of time crunch and extreme busy schedules. This typically results in relatively relaxed relationships.
Relaxed relationships means children do not usually pour out their inner most thoughts to their parents because they tend to shy away from divulging too much sensitive information which they would rather share with their closest friends.
Here are simple ways you can bond with your family and kids.

9 ways to improve family time and bonding:

1) Make Sunday an absolute family fun time. Get rid of the gadgets including yours and enable the family to be physically active. Play physical games such as tug-of-war and have real fun together.
2) Find a simple DIY project that would make use of your children’s hands. This is not only fun but it also cultivates good values to your children such as teamwork which is essential for their future.
3) Go on adventures but find easy trails if your family hasn’t been to any out-of-town adventures. You don’t want to restrict them with mad mud crunching. A little dirt goes a long way and bonds families strongly.
4) Don’t just buy books with colorful covers and fancy pages. Read together and never skip any word. It’s not only fun but it’s a sure way to foray into imagination together.
5) Start a family collection with beautiful rocks, insects, feathers,
crystals, tools, stamps, and dried flowers and exhibit them afterwards. This will remind all family members of the fun times they spent together.
6) Quizzes are not just for schools, you can have them at home too. The one that gets the highest score at the end of the month, gets some reward. Use the books that you read together or family events to create questions.
7) Think and create holiday costumes and wear them during the yuletide seasons. This fosters conversations and loosens up family issues.
8) Make random presents for each other. This practice has been known to relieve stress and as usual, surprises are always good.
9) Breakfast time on the yard with your four-legged friends can be fun too. Savour family time and conversations over food. It becomes a sure way to bond together.


Sumita Mukherjee is International Best Selling Author and NASA STEM certified leader. Her website, ww.wizkids.Club was created with a vision to raise the next generation of creative leaders. WizKids.Club offers highly engaging kids activities, educational books, experiments, hands-on projects, DIYs, travel stories and engineering books perfect for children 4-12 years to spark creativity and scientific learning.

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