Reading is a complex cognitive process but critical for preschool learning and childhood development. In a world filled with electronic screens and media, it can be challenging to get your kids interested in reading. But it is the most powerful skill you can get your kids to imbibe and cultivate. How do you transition your child from a reluctant reader to an enthusiastic one? Here are some ideas.

Proven methods to inspire your kids to be lifelong readers:

1. Starting early:

Introduce your kid to books from a very early age. Investing in age appropriate books like Fairy tales, Rhymes and Phonic books encourages them to explore instantly as they are natural learners.

• Cozy bedtime stories also help foster the love of words and reading. A child watches and learns how to hold a book, turn the pages, and tries to form an idea how printed words sound and mean.
• A little bit of drama adds interest while reading and reinforces how words and sentences sound. Ty that out.
• Phonic books encourage them to find similar sounding words. Let your child “help” you find letters and sound out words. You can even drop in little lessons, such as, “What other word here sounds like ‘bee’? That’s right, ‘see’. Do you see the bee? What letters make that “ee” sound?”

2. Keep it fun

If reading can be made like a game, kids will be clamoring to play.
Guessing game: Guess what will happen next is game that can be played by the family. Each person’s predictions can be recorded on a large whiteboard and points awarded for correct guesses. The family member with the highest tally at the end of the book gets to pick the next read-aloud title.
Movie quiz: There’s nothing quite more amazing that following up your kids favorite novel with the movie, based on the book.

3. Make it social

Reading is more fun with friends and pets.
Read to a pet: Sometimes kids are happiest while reading to a pet or a family dog, which never corrects them or judges them.
Read-a-thon: Families can commit to a “Reading Day,” when all of them climb onto one bed or sofa “like a pile of puppies” with books and magazines and share passages aloud as the spirit strikes.

4. Offer books as treats

If reading can be made a reward, kids will pick up on the excitement.
Tempting offers: You could have a tea-party hideaway with snacks, stuffed animals, and books about friendly critters or a tent stocked with flashlights and books on camping, bugs, and animal tracking.
Book fairy: Surprises like the book fairy that visits them in their playroom or the Tooth Fairy who leaves behind a reward can leave books.

5. Think outside the book

If your kids go for information, there are lots of ways to get it.
Fuel their passions: Understanding your child’s interest and subscribing to niche magazines, such as Cat Fancy, car racing, Yachting can be an instant draw.
Using varied media: Audio books, which allow restless kids to play, draw, or otherwise move about while listening, can work wonders.
Facts and laughs: A supply of quick reads, including joke collections and animal almanacs, can be kept in the car’s backseat. Flipping through the pages and sharing facts and funny stories can be a great way to entertain everyone on the journey.

6. Writing your own:

Send fan mail: Writing fan mail letters to their favorite authors can be a way of sharing the delight of having finished a book. The publisher can help find the address or one could find it online.
Rewriting endings: You can encourage your kids to rewrite the endings of the books they’ve read. Making up stories or endings can be fun for them. Who knows, they might end up publishing their rewritten book!

7. Offer to reward your children if they read:

If your child reads for 20 minutes every day for a week, offer them their favorite treat. You can prepare a chart or list with book names and visit the library to find the ones your little one still hasn’t read.


Sumita Mukherjee is International Best Selling Author and NASA STEM certified leader. Her website, ww.wizkids.Club was created with a vision to raise the next generation of creative leaders. WizKids.Club offers highly engaging kids activities, educational books, experiments, hands-on projects, DIYs, travel stories and engineering books perfect for children 4-12 years to spark creativity and scientific learning.

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