When we use Facebook and Instagram daily, little do we wonder what is running at the backend. When kids play Roblox, Mario games and watch Doraemon and animated movies as a family, we just laugh and enjoy our time together. Thanks to technology, some programs make our life wonderful and easy. Behind these programs are software engineers, designers, and moviemakers who strive to keep us entertained day in and out! How would you feel if your child becomes the next software giant or has his animation studio like Walt Disney by learning python for kids?

Here is a parenting hack that no one tells you about, but is most essential in 2021!

Kids as young as 7 years can make such apps and programs nowadays. With easy to download, FREE apps and tools like Scratch, Python, iMovie, Blender, and many more, it is getting easier for kids to grow the most wanted skills of the 21st century!

It’s incredible how fast technology is growing and how kids are evolving, experimenting, and inventing. Everywhere you turn, children are taking to coding, learning life skills, and equipping themselves to restructure the future and all while having fun!

Coding is a must in the 21st century and an exciting activity that every child can engage in.

If you are wondering “What can my child create with Scratch or Python?”, here are few pointers for you to get started and explore more:

In this post, we will share 3 things your child can make with Scratch and Python Programming within 30 minutes of starting this CLASS


Scratch is one of few languages designed to help kids understand the basics of coding while they create amazing apps, games, and artwork. Some of the wonderful things your kids can make with scratch are:
  • 1. Games: If your child is the type that loves to stay behind a game console or the screen of your tab, then you need to help that child build their games. Children who play games are smart and learn problem-solving skills from an early age. Their curiosity is piqued when they play games.

What is even more interesting is when your kids start to design their games. The thrill of having the games they designed being played by their friends is beautiful to experience. With scratch, children can build many types of games, from the simple to the slightly complex ones, all in a drag-and-drop template. Your kid can kickstart their game design with some online scratch courses for children. These courses give your kid a head start in coding and help them have fun while they create games. GUESS THE NUMBER GAME:
  • 2. Animations: Have you seen how your kids are glued to the television, watching SpongeBob SquarePants? How excited do they get when SpongeBob and Patrick run around, causing trouble? They can create similar animation using programming.

Animation is a great platform for your kids to express their creativity. And if your kids are the type that loves telling stories – almost every child loves telling stories – then they can combine their storytelling abilities with the animations to create the next best animation movie in the nearest future. The future of movies rests on the strong shoulders of animation. Your child will not only be given an avenue to tell their stories and express their creativity through animations, but they also learn some important life skills such as leadership, teamwork, and creative thinking. If you are not sure where to start from, there are thousands of scratch courses online to help your child kickstart his/her journey to becoming the next Disney Animations. CREATE ANIMATED STORY:
  • 3. Make Art: When people hear of coding, and scratch, in particular, their minds quickly drift to apps and websites. Well, there are many more that your kid can make with scratch.

Your kid might be loving art and drawing. If you’ve noticed your child’s love for art and creativity, you need to allow them to explore their creativity with Scratch. Scratch helps children make rainbow art and design. The scratch team designed an easy-to-use template where your kids can create rainbow art. There are many other projects and things that your kids can make with scratch; the possibilities are endless.


Python is one of the most used programming languages in the world. Social media giant Instagram was built using python. Python is also one of the easiest programming languages in the world. Python uses easy-to-understand syntax. This means that the lines of code that python uses are readable and can be fairly understood by humans. Compared to other programming languages like C++ and JAVA, Python is fairly easy to understand. Your child can learn Python coding easily, helping them build projects, exploring the sea of their creativity. Some of the things that your kid can create with Python are:
  • 1. Websites: The internet is not going anywhere anytime soon. Therefore, businesses will always require websites.

As we continue to evolve as a people, even with web 3.0, the need for websites will only increase, and their designs and functionality will become more complex. Your child needs to understand python codes to shape the future with his/her technology, there are numerous outlets online that teach children how to code using Python. Websites like Instagram, Facebook, and search engine giants Google were built with python. MAKE YOUR FIRST PROGRAM: Python coding for kids
  • 2. Automation process: As we evolve in our use of technology, machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and automation processes will continue to play important roles in our lives.

An automated process makes work easy and fast. For example, instead of sending email messages to a thousand email addresses, one at a time, automation makes it easier and faster. You can send that email message to all one thousand email addresses with the click of a few buttons and within seconds. The future of technology will see people relying more on automated processes, AI, and machine learning. And python is at the heart of this beautiful future. Big tech companies like Netflix, Spotify, and Quora use software designed with python for their automation work. MAKE THE FIRST RESPONSIVE GRAPHIC INTERFACE: Learn Python Coding: Automation
  • 3. Blockchains: The world is changing; how we understand money and its distribution has changed drastically, thanks to blockchain technology. The future looks bright with blockchain technology.

The amazing thing about blockchain technology is that it can be used to build so many other applications and protocols. Your child will be taking the front seat in the tech future when they learn python. MAKE CHATBOTS AND LEARN ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES Learn python coding: block chain Your kids can learn how to build blockchain solutions for whatever interests them. CONCLUSION: The world of tech is moving so fast that it will be detrimental to your kids’ growth and mental development not to be a part of the wave of revolution. Scratch and Python Coding for Kids are easy and fast ways to get your kids on the right tech path. Courses like these python and scratch courses will help your kids express their creativity and become major players in the tech future that awaits all of us.


Children who start coding from an early age, learn to be resilient, as it teaches them how to bounce back from failures every time coding doesn’t work. It also encourages critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.

Coding is one of the most promising careers in the future. There shall be employment opportunities whether it be in the technology sector, finance, retail, health, or education. With good programmers hard to come by, the salaries offered are lucrative.

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