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Is your kid curious, full of innovative thoughts and loves to build, make and tinker? Yes? You have come to the right place! I have just the right book for you and it is absolutely FREE!

This book is to inspire your kids to be creative, inquisitive and inventive. It has stories about real kids who became inventors, some by accident and some by hard work. If they could do it, then you know your kids can too! You’ll read about awesome kid creators from all over the world. Let their success encourage your kids to invent their own cool things. I’ve included lots of guidance and prompts to show you how.    

PRINT IT: The ”Invention, Engineering & Design for Kids” book can be printed in order to do the activities easily.

DECORATE THE ROOM: You can pin it near the place your child does his or her homework. You’ll find the Engineering Design Process template on page 6; it can be your kid’s reference for trying out new inventions.


TRY THE ACTIVITY: Use the stories of the kid inventors and try your own creation using the design prompts or invent something unique of your choice.


There are lots of experiments for them to try, which will also help them become a great inventor. Some of them require your or an adult’s help. There are all so fun to do with your friends, neighbours and siblings.


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I can’t wait to hear about what you and your kids create! I would love to see photos of your kid’s inventions and invite you to share them on Facebook :


Go ahead and access the inventions from the WIZKIDS CLUB!

Let’s explore and invent together!

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