Prek- Grade 1: STEM PACK


An awesome Pre-school, Kinder garden pack. A collection of 4 books to stimulate young minds into STEM and STEAM activities.


This Pre-school pack is This book encourages comprehensive learning for young kids. It is scientific, informative and creative.

It is about water cycle stages, vocabulary and words, experiments, quiz, games and many more. This book gives complete understanding about water cycle through hands on learning and activities.

A fun activity book filled with quiz, facts, information, illustration, sorting, question-answer key and various other activities.

It will help your child with these:

  • Comprehensive learning
  • Growing imaginative and creative skills
  • Developing memory
  • Experimenting
  • Generating ideas and stimulating the whole brain.
  • STEM learning and scientific education
  • Day and Night
  • Life Cycle of animals
  • Seasons
  • Senses
  • Plant parts
Seasons, Day and Night, Senses, Life cycles, Plants.This unit encourages children to play independently. It promotes planning, preparation and execution of events like going on a holiday and inculcates leadership skills. It helps them understand concepts of life cycle, seasons, senses as well.