Preschool Activity Book: Scientific Investigation, Math, Art, Scissor Work, Literacy Bundle 3-6 Years


 Combination of 4 Books 

✨ Book 1: Origami and Play for kids
✔️ 10+ Hands-on learning and investigation
✔️ Growing imaginative and creative skills through rhymes and poems.
✔️ Developing fine motor and sensory skills
✔️ Persuasive writing
✔️ Generating ideas and stimulating the whole brain.
✔️ STEM learning and scientific education.

✨ Book 2: Water Cycle for kids
✔️ Water Cycle – Hands-on activity and learning
✔️ Comprehensive learning about the water cycle.
✔️ States of matter
✔️ Growing imaginative and creative skills
✔️ Developing memory
✔️ Experimenting
✔️ STEM learning and scientific education

✨ Book 3: Creativity through Animals and Plants
✔️ 10+ Creative thinking.
✔️ Animal facts and quiz
✔️ Math prompts and games
✔️ Improve memory and literacy
✔️ Practical tasks to build self-esteem
✔️ Sorting activities and games

✨ Book 4: Scientific Investigation for kids
✔️ Scientific Investigation
✔️ 10+ Science investigations
✔️ Sorting activities
✔️ Writing exercises
✔️ Arts and crafts
✔️ Learn about animal life cycles

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