Training The Teachers To STEM The Deficit

 Recent studies across the globe have shown that the world is waking up to the very real need for improved STEM education for children in order to keep up with the demand for new technology and improved resources. Children may be the future but, in order to cultivate leaders of tomorrow, we need to education ourselves and become the next-gen educators. STEM TRAINING GUIDE BOOK is a quick way to accelerate learning for teachers, educators, homeschooling parents and adults. You can Buy now here: 

 A strategy for growth

 Over half of the public school districts in the USA and worldwide, say that they struggle to recruit certified, knowledgeable STEM teachers. These critical shortages deprive students of a vital STEM / STEAM education need and highlights the need of skilled professionals the world needs now. The key to addressing this is not just to target the new teachers but to also develop training strategies for those already in the classrooms. STEM training for all teachers will soon become not just necessary but compulsory. 

 STEM Training Guide Book – for the next-gen teachers

 The STEM Training Guide Book is a great solution for schools looking to address their STEM training needs without sending annual budgets into the red. Compiled by Wizkids Club Founder, Sumita Mukherjee, this book helps teachers get started on STEM and STEAM in the classroom. It address the basic requirements of a teacher or homeschooler to get STEM educated. A look at the contents:


  • What is STEM?
  • Importance of STEM in classrooms
  • Making a STEM lesson plan
  • Growing the maker mindset
  • STEM in the classroom
  • The engineering design process and more.


While getting acquainted with the nuts and bolts of STEM training, this book deals with the tricky art of convincing students that traditional STEM subjects are not ‘too boring’ or ‘too hard’ – phrases which come up time and time again, particularly with female students.

Rather than expensive re-training, The STEM Training Guide Book can be introduced into schools as a training tool, allowing teachers to slowly integrate STEM subjects into every aspect of their teaching. The book is also a great addition to the library for home-schoolers and parents looking to give their children a head start in the all important STEM subjects. Buy here:

 It’s not just an education – it’s a revolution!

 “I want us all to think about new and creative ways of engaging young people in science and engineering, whether through science festivals, robotics competitions, fairs that encourage young people to create, build and invent….to be “makers of things; not just consumers of things”: President Barack Obama. In this book, Wizkids Club’s Initiative To Spread Steam Globally, Sumita highlights the ways in which world leaders are calling for more proactive STEM education in what really is becoming a world-wide revolution.

 Image. Build. Play

 NASA’s Sumita Mukherjee is a STEM advocate and created the WizKidsclub with the aim of creating the next generation of creative leaders. Fun and educational, the WizKids Club offers books, hands-on projects and stories to ignite the imagination of children and to guide parents and teachers in all things STEM and STEAM.


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