Making a Stop Motion Animation for kids can be so much fun!

You can make a Stop Motion Animation for kids using toys, paper and simple things.

A basic FREE app and you are all set to go!

Yes… you read it right, making a Stop Motion Animation for kids can be a piece of cake! With these 7 steps, you can get going now. Your little engineer can set up the stage , cook up a story and create a fantastic movie. You are sure to feel elated at the end of the day.

Stop Motion Animation for kids is the cinematographic technique that was used to give illustrated figures the impression of motion and movement. The camera would be repeatedly stopped and started and the many frames would all be fit together to produce a moving short story.

This animation technique is nowadays being used in education: for presentations, in movies, in explainer videos, in commercials and advertisements. But that’s not all. Stop motion animation for kids is also being applied in increasingly innovative ways. In the presence of modern technology and techniques, more complex stop motion animations are being produced.

You can make this at home using paper origami, clay , toys or any inanimate object.

I created this STOP MOTION ANIMATION with my 7 year old and would like to share a few tips and ways which  will hopefully prove to be useful for you as well.


7 Steps to Stop Motion Animation for Kids : wizkidsclub.com


STEP 1: Download the APP:

Go to the app store and download the FREE app: STOP MOTION STUDIO by Cateater on your ipad.

Download the App for stop motion animation for kids:wizkidsclub.com

STEP 2: Set up the Station

You can make the two white foam boards stand against the wall or simply use a large drawing book as the stage. Have your kids create the background for the scene. We created a sunny day with clouds floating in the sky and a water stream flowing. Some flowers to make it bright and natural.

The ipad should be on the stand so that the frame appears still.

Create story board for stop motion animation for kids:wizkidsclub.com

STEP 3: Explore and Imagine

Let your kids explore around and have fun setting up the stage and thinking of various themes or ideas for the story. It can be anything, from LEGO characters and toys to play dough vegetables and animals moving around.

Flesh out the characters for the Stop motion animation: wizkidsclub.com

STEP 4: Come up with a Story Idea or Concept

Brain storm and finalise a story idea. Let them think of what kind of movie they want to create and for what purpose. It could be a surprise gift for a person you love. We came up with “Clumsy Penguin Tumbles Down!”

Create the storyboard for stop motion animation for kids:wizkidsclub.com

STEP 5: Create the Story Board, Characters and Audio

Create the story board and various steps in the story. Let them think of the characters and props needed for the story to build and come up with a suitable ending. Adding in a voice over or audio to the animation will make it all the more interesting. Allow the young minds to think and explore interesting sound effects and pick a pre loaded music from your computer or download one.

Finalise the story for stop motion animation for kids:wizkidsclub.com

STEP 6: Stage It : One Frame at a Time

Now open the stop motion app and take a photo. Move the penguin a little bit and take another shot. Continue it in this way for every step of the story. We made the clumsy penguin fall down and get up. A shot for every step.

Do remember that 12 frames make a second. So for every second we need to take 12 photos.

Record it to create the stop motion animation for kids:wizkisclub.com

STEP 7: Publish your Stop Motion Animation for Kids

Once your photo shoot is done, play the button to see the movie film out like an animation. You can also export your video and share it with family and friends.

Produce the video for stop motion animation for kids: wizkidsclub.com

Have fun and make lots of movies! Don’t forget to share with me on Facebook and Pinterest. Your very own STOP ANIMATION MOVIE.

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