Summer S.T.E.A.M Book for kids: 6-10 years

Summer is almost here and the holidays are knocking at the door. With the kids at home, you must be wondering how to keep them engaged and away from non-stop devices or screen time. But don’t worry, we have STEAM book for kids which might be a perfect solution for you.


Create epic fun this summer. Projects that zip, swell, spin, pop, change color, and more! Perfect for 6-10-year-old kids.

summer steam for kids 6 to 10 years

Summer STEAM for Kids E book

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It’s a myth that children learn only in schools. Knowledge is everywhere and it is upon us to impart them to our kids, without being bound by the four walls of the classroom.
But you may wonder, how can we make things educational and entertaining? Well, here’s the thing- simple activities go a long way in teaching the fundamentals of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics. This book aligns with the Next generation science standards. Hence, a great way to jump-start and get on with smart learning.

Why should you BUY a STEAM book for kids?

STEM is an approach to learning and development that integrates the area of science, technology.

This book offers:

  1. Science and Engineering Projects
  2. Easy Baking and Cooking Recipes
  3. Stories of Famous Young Inventors
  4. Engineering Design Process and Invention Prompts
  5. STEAM Challenge cards
  6. Aligns to the Next Generation Science Standard
  7. Perfect for parents, grandparents, teachers, educators and camp instructors
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 E-book for Kids

Summer STEAM for Kids E book

1) Science and Engineering Projects:

This book teaches us many fun activities like making pulley at home, or a zip line with household materials, which are accessible easily. One can learn about inclined planes or angles. Concepts like energy and electricity can be tricky and with the activities mentioned in this book, it’s going to get approachable as well as enjoyable for children of all ages.

Summer STEAM for Kids E book

Summer STEAM for Kids Ebook

2) Easy Baking and Cooking Recipes:

Children love doing things that grown-ups do. And cooking or baking tops their list. In these times of staying home, almost all of us have turned into chefs overnight. Cooking being a biological necessity has been found to improve overall well-being and better self-esteem due to improved concentration, coordination, and confidence. Baking is easy and safe and in this book you’ll find recipes and safety instructions to make delicious cheese straws to mouth-watering doughnuts. This will help your child with quick snack ideas and throw a party or maybe a sale?

Summer STEAM for Kids E book

Summer STEAM for Kids E book

3) Engineering Design Process:

The next topic that is covered in this book is the engineering design process which is a series of steps that one follows in order to solve a problem. The process involves a problem-solving approach, follows a series of steps like developing possible solutions, selection, construction, testing, and evaluation of a prototype.
Summer S.T.E.A.M for kids has unique invention prompts that can be taught as an example with detailed step-by-step instructions to go forward with. A sneak peek of one prompt:

Designing a machine which cleans

Summer STEAM for Kids E book

4) Stories of Famous Young Inventors:

Inventions are happening all around the world at lightning speed. You’d be amazed to find that some of the inventors are as young as 11-year-olds who are making significant discoveries. There is no reason to believe that your child cannot be one at all. No one can presume a child’s capabilities and as parents, we could definitely try to motivate them with recent examples. Achievements made by peers can often motivate us to strive further and not use age as an excuse for discovering our potential. With the invention prompts and activities, try them out today.

How to build a car that produces oxygen?

Summer STEAM for Kids E book

5) STEAM Challenge Cards:

The last segment of the book focuses on various STEAM challenges that are based on the learning of the previous chapters. Hopefully they feel motivated enough to begin their own creations and inventions.

Use the STEAM challenge cards and go forward to challenge our kids. Let them rack their brain, use their creativity and imagination.

STEAM Challenges provide us with innovative ideas that encourage divergent thinking, problem-solving strategies, and decision-making skills to go forward with the knowledge that can help us in novel situations. And that is exactly what new-age learning stands for.

STEAM challenge cards

Summer STEAM for Kids E book


Let’s not forget: learning is more than only memory and repetition of previously learned behavior. Intelligence is the ability to adapt constantly with the change that surrounds us, just like we managed to keep ourselves active during these trying times.

Times are changing and gone are the days of traditional learning. The future is here and we need to change our parenting styles as well as methods of teaching. Experiential learning is a process by which knowledge is created through the transformation of experience. It is based on the four elements of concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation in a continuous cycle.

Summer S.T.E.A.M for kids aims to achieve exactly that, i.e. to make learning easy, practical based, and evidence-based. It is one of its kind and serves as an all-in-one, detailed book that serves as an excellent way to go forward with education.

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We all want our children to have a great future but don’t quite know the path to follow. We often find children struggling with motivation to study. In those cases, parents can use this book as it serves as an excellent material to inculcate their interest in STEM.

It’s a wealth of information, for all the teachers out there who want to connect with their pupils and make learning fun for them. You can also gift it to a kid in your family on birthdays or other occasions.

So hurry! Grab your copy of Summer S.T.E.A.M for kids this summer and engage yourself in learning this June!

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