Best Summer S.T.E.M Activities For Kids

Picture the scene… it’s your average Saturday morning in June. The kids are up early. You haven’t even had your coffee, but they are asking for breakfast. They want to download a new app on the iPad. They want to watch a movie. They want to do a craft that requires multiple how-to videos. They are bickering over what to watch, what to play, who gets to go first, and before you can intervene, they say it in unison: “WE’RE BORED!” and that’s where STEM Activities for kids comes in for the rescue. 

Sound familiar?

Fast forward to July. It’s summer vacation and school is out for the next few weeks.  While we love not having to deal with the hustle and bustle of the school year – the homework, the reading logs, the projects, the extra-curricular activities – the school does give our kids a comfortable routine and a structure to their day and, ahem, gives parents a reprieve from the  Saturday scene above…

Of course, you’ll do the Pinterest searches, let them play video games and watch movies; you’ll take trips to the park and the craft store. You’ll listen to the cacophonies of “I’m bored,” “What are we doing today?” and, “ Can we watch Netflix?” You’ll do those things because you’re a great parent – but even the best parents sometimes run out of ideas.

It’s OK. We get it. But this summer, let us help you. Let us help you create an at-home summer camp filled with epic projects that kids will love. And, what if we told you that you could make it educational, too...

We’re not kidding – your summer can be packed with fun stuff that your kids will still be talking about next summer. And you don’t have to spend hours planning and preparing because we have already got it all planned in the STEM Activities for kids program.   

Here’s what we’ve got for you.

Limited time offer! Solve your time management issues and give your kids the perfect summer via STEM Activities for kids in one easy step!



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Here’s How it Works:

  1. Join the workshop and access 150+ video tutorials all at once.
  2. Get instant access to courses on Electronics, Build your own Toys and Machines, Watercolour Cute Animals and Pets, Drawing & Painting Wizards,  Potter Art Workshop, and more!
  3. Get videos on materials and lists within the module
  4. Watch the video tutorials with your kids.
  5. Make something amazing together
  6. Creative projects you can share with the world!
  7. Printable certificate of completion
  8. Create your own collection of inventions and designs
  9. Join us on Instagram with hashtag #wizflixstem

(New courses added every 2-3 months!!!)

All this and more for only $9.99/monthly.

You can complete the courses at your own pace, allowing for plenty of flexibility with your family’s plans. 


We are a much-needed break from screens.

We have all the things science, technology, engineering, art, and math in our STEM Activities for kids program.

We are the…


top 3 reasons STEM Activities for kids

1) Videos: Videos are considered to be an essential part of learning nowadays. Best education can happen when all your senses are involved in grasping the process and that’s why all these courses involve hands-on learning brought together via short videos.

The WIZFLIX videos are attractive, short and the step-by-step method encourages self-learning.

 2) Next Generation Standards: Inside you’ll find entertaining and educational projects like Paper rockets, Electric Dance Pad, Potter Workshop, LED cards, Sketching, watercolor and more activities to keep the kids busy while you are! 

These activities are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards

And Technology Standards. Every activity has been broken down into steps that make understanding the concept and relevance in the real world easy.

3) Marvelous Mentors: WIZFLIX courses are developed by professionals with inspiring accomplishments in their field – we call them mentors. Mentors offer prompts, techniques, and hacks to help kids pursue their dreams. These mentors have come together from all around the world (UK, USA, Europe, Asia) to give your kids the BEST!

The mentors are qualified from NASA, worked as Software Engineers, been Teachers of Arts, Educators in Science, Universities of Fine Arts and more.  Join now here:


our courses image1) Electronics for Kids: Pioneer new technology and become super inventors.

Nearly everything around us contains circuits and electronics. They are super smart and super small. You can combine them to make incredible things and using them you can unlock your creative superpower.

Build with Kenny: Bookmarks, Dancing Dolls, Mouse Bots, Dance Pads, Jitter bots, LED Masks and more!

2) Drawing Boot camp: Fill your own sketchbook with original drawings of monsters and animals!

Learn the secrets of sketching using guidelines and simple shapes. A beginners platform to start drawing by learning the creative process of a pro illustrator. You’ll feel proud to have a portfolio of your own artwork.

Learn with Paul: Secrets of Drawing, Using Guidelines, Pencils, and Process, Sketching cure Animals and Monsters, Perfecting Artwork.

3) Potter Art Workshop: Become a Potter illustrator and expert!

In this course, you will explore everything you need to know to become a harry potter illustrator and expert. You will create the characters and have fun drawing them.

Illustrate with Klea: Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Malfoy, Harry with Owl, Hermoine with Cat, Dobby, Quidditch Game, Four Houses, Items and Sword.

4)Draw Cute Animals & Pets: Create your own collection of cute creatures and animals!

Do you like drawing and painting cute animals and creatures? We will be exploring easy and fun ways to make animals and creatures come to life. Take your drawing to the next level in this course. 

Draw with Klea: How to bring out the cuteness in drawing animals and pets. Draw and colour a Bird, Cat, Dog, Rabbit and Mouse!

5) Invent your own Toys & Machines!

Do you like to build toys, Take them apart and have fun with science? Do you want to know how stuff is made and make your own inventions? Then this course is perfect for you.

Build with Sumita: Squishy Notebook, Air-powered Rockets, Gel Pen, Zipline, Elevator, Seeds Balls, Shoe-box Projector

6) Watercolour Wizards: Learn to paint and watercolor enchanting wizards and fun characters!

During this course, we will be exploring a bunch of cool things. We will use our imagination and draw wizards or create our own monsters. Learn simple tricks of sketching wizards and how to watercolor them to create a 3D/Shaded effect.

Paint with Klea: Wicket Wizard who has lost his shoe, Happy Monster, Enchanted Wizard ready to cast a spell, Winged Wizard, Magical wizard.

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5 Advantages of Online Learning:

    1. You can learn whatever you want!

      You can pick the program of your dreams and hone your skills during your free time. It does not call for traveling away from home and struggling in an extremely competitive learning environment. You can pick any subject of your choice through our STEM Activities for kids catalog and master it.

    2. Comfort.

      Forget about attending classes for hours, sitting in an uncomfortable chair, and suffering from back pain by the end of the day. You will not be bound to a physical class session when you opt for WIZFLIX education. All instructions and needed materials are provided via online platforms, so you’ll easily access them from the comfort of your home.Comfort is a strong advantage, but it can go both ways. You mustn’t allow yourself to get too comfortable when studying from home, so it would be best to abandon the couch for a few hours a day and set up an inspirational environment in your home.

    3. Online courses are great for shy kids.

      Whether you’re at home, on the road or at a friend’s house, you can create your own perfect space to learn from the WIZFLIX courses. You don’t have to put up with any more disruptive environments like crowded libraries. Online learning offers better opportunities to concentrate on not being around other people. You can dedicate one room for quiet study, or if you’re shy, you don’t have to worry about interacting with other students.

    4. Self-paced learning.

      When you start browsing through interesting online courses and programs, you’ll notice the Self-Paced label on most of them. What does this mean? Self-paced learning means that the students can start completing the targets at any time, and he can arrange a learning schedule that meets their individual needs.

    5. Lower costs.

      The fact that online programs are cheaper when compared to summer camps is enough to convince you to consider them. The average tuition for online courses depends on multiple factors, so it varies from one program to another. WIZFLIX is for $9.99 only, so that’s something you should always keep in mind.
      We saved the best part for last: many online courses are completely free of charge. MIT’s Scratch program for kids is online without any charges. Free courses don’t usually come with a certificate of completion, but they are still more than useful for anyone who wants to learn from prestigious educators.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m new to STEAM, will I be able to do WIZFLIX workshop? 

Absolutely! We’ve included everything you need, including easy to understand learning sections for science, tech, engineering, art, and math topics which may be new to you. 

I have kids of different ages and abilities. How do I keep them all engaged in the projects? 

We’ve included easy steps to keep kids of different ages and abilities engaged in our activities. Plus there are easy set-up bonus projects for when someone finishes early. 

I don’t have time to set up a lot of projects, will I be able to do WIZFLIX STEM? 

Yes! Our handy supplies list and videos do the work for you.

I can’t afford a lot of special materials, can I afford WIZFLIX STEM? 

Yes! Most of the projects in our STEM Activities for kids kit use basic craft supplies which you probably have on hand and you can pick and choose the ones that work best for your budget.

We know that the Summer break is a time for kids to unwind and have fun but, in a competitive world, learning shouldn’t stop when school does.

The greatest gift that you can give your child is a lifelong love of exploring and learning; remember, we’re creating tomorrow’s leaders, today!

Don’t let $9.99 come in the way of a supercharged sensational STEAM summer!

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