Ideas that Spark Creativity and Curiosity in Kids

Raising creative kids is easier than you may think. Some kids get lost in the wonder of their imaginations easily. Others need a little more prompting.

As parents, we assume that creativity is an inborn talent and that kids either do or do not have it. But, just as all children are not equally intelligent, all children are not equally creative. Creativity is more skill than inborn talent, and parents can help their kids develop it.
Creativity is not limited to artistic and musical expression—it is also essential for science, math, and even social and emotional intelligence. Creative people are more flexible and better problem solvers, which makes them more able to adapt to technological advances and deal with change—as well as take advantage of new opportunities.

Many researchers believe we have fundamentally changed the experience of childhood in such a way that impairs creative development. Toy and entertainment companies feed kids an endless stream of prefab characters, images, props and plot-lines that allow children to put their imaginations to rest. Children no longer need to imagine a stick is a sword in a game or story they’ve imagined: they can play Star Wars with a specific light-saber in costumes designed for the specific role they are playing.
But as a parent, we need to supply them with enough ideas for keeping their curious minds active and engaged.

But how do we get a never-ending ideas reservoir to nourish their creativity? The answer is WIZFLIX: Art & Science Online Courses for Kids.

You can instantly access the complete library with hundreds of creative projects: Drawing Bootcamp, Potter Workshop, Build Your Own Toys and Machines, Watercolor Wizards, Electronics and more!
With our well-trained and experienced instructors, these courses are perfect for kids between 6-12 years. It is also a fun learning environment with no advertisements and a safe online place to safely share.
We connect kids who share interests and allow them to exchange feedback with each other. Kids can be both a learner and a teacher here, and it’s all moderated. Parents can be worry-free.
WIZKIDS CLUB’s Next-Gen courses are filled with awesome innovative projects that will catapult your child’s learning to the next level. A new world of education that explores modern technologies, teaches creative skills, and helps kids hon their talent and discover new passions. A delight for both parents and kids. Art, innovation, science, laughter and everything in-between. Inspiring them to be creators, not consumers.


6 Courses to Evoke Creativity in Your Kids through S.T.E.A.M

1.Drawing Boot Camp:

In this course, kids are going to learn how to draw cats, dogs, owls, monsters, and dragons and paint some. They will learn how to sketch real-looking characters easily. These subjects of the drawing are very familiar to kids and hence they should be able to connect easily. It will help them grow their interest in drawing. This course has a total of 11 modules. Kids will feel proud to have a portfolio of your own artwork.

Here are some inspiring video tutorials for you:

2.Drawing Cute Animals and Pets:

There are five modules in this course. Learning the art of sketching cute and attractive pets/animals can be tricky but kids can master it in this course. They will feel more enthusiastic as they draw their own pets and living animals around them. This course will help them get connected to nature and grow their interest in drawing and painting living things.

Get some cute animals and pets drawing ideas from here:


3.Wizards Watercolor:

In this course, kids will learn how to use watercolor, at a beginner’s level. The five modules contain happy monsters and four types of wizards. They will feel excited about the magical and dreamy prompts. They will master water coloring skills and experience different mediums of drawing and painting.
See how interesting it can be:

4. Potter Art Workshop:

Anything related to Harry Potter is always thrilling and if you can learn to create one of the characters, then it is awesome. In this course, there are eight modules that can help you become a master of the craft. Draw objects and characters from Harry Potter and show it off to your friends.

Here are some evergreen Harry Potter themed drawing and painting courses:

4.Electronics for Kids:

Electronics for Kids

You can spark your kids’ interest in science and electronics with some DIY homemade projects. They will learn to make small electronic items on their own and take their first step as little scientists into the world of invention. With simple and easy to find things they can make LED houses, LED cards, LED masks, colorful bookmarks, dancing dolls, dancing pad, mouse bot, spinning bot and many more.

Look into the videos and get some awesome ideas:

5.Build Your Own Toys & Machines:

Making their own toys is going to be very much exciting for your kids. They will be thrilled with the idea of building toys and machines to play with. They will learn how to make a gel pen, notebook, shoe-box projector, toy elevator, air rockets, zip line toy and seed balls from this course. This will also evoke their interest in science and technology. They learn to apply their lessons from books into the real world.

Get started with this much helpful video tutorials:

Check this out for more information:
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You must give it a shot. Trust me, you will be introducing your kids to a new method of learning: being self-taught and life long learners; a must in the 21st century. These courses are bound to leave your kids thirsty for more!
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