Motivating Journal for kids during COVID Pandemic

Are your kids tired of online schooling? Are they feeling worried and isolated due to the pandemic? Then this journal for kids will definitely boost their morales.

Children are being affected by physical distancing, social isolation, worldwide school closures, due to the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom. Some children and young people may be feeling more isolated, anxious, bored, and uncertain. They may feel fear and worry about the impact of the virus on their families. There could be internal stress building up, waiting to get released.

On one hand, there is the anxiety of the pandemic, on the other, there is the pressure of online schooling that has been on the rise.

It has increased screen time for kids, along with a sense of monotony and fatigue. According to Dr. Yi Pang, professor and associate dean for research at the Illinois College of Optometry, fatigue, dry eyes and an irregular sleep cycle are common effects of excessive screen time. Fatigue is probably the most prominent symptom. When we look at a screen, our eyes have to work harder in order to focus.

It becomes important to take breaks, clear the mind and unwind daily. Especially with holidays around the corner, we need a solution fast!

So introducing one of the finest journals on ‘Kids Motivation’ in the market.

The 5 Minute Motivational Journal for Kids: 8-16 years. 

The best way to destress and motivate your child!

5 Minute Motivational Journals For kids

This journal has everything that your kids need to be motivated.

Help your kids unwind and channel their energy into something productive, away from screens. Help them open the world of isolation and fill it with wonder and magic. Something that will entertain and provide a much-needed escape into the fun and magical world of imagination.

To practice affirmations, mindfulness, jokes, brain games, gratitude, STEM activities, design challenges daily. Journaling can help one remain focussed, calm, creative, and happy during social isolation. It also has STEM activities in it. This enables kids to use their imagination to understand the fundamentals of engineering and create healthier habits this summer through numerous journaling activities and exercises.

A fun book to teach kids to be regular with journaling, kick imagination to a higher level, and remain stress-free! Overall great approach for parents/guardians, educators, and instructors.

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What does the book offer? 

75+ Activities with daily affirmations, jokes, brain games, gratitude practice, STEM activities, and design challenges.

The book has 5-minute journaling activities for morning, day, and night; it is to keep kids busy throughout the day during these unsettling times.

1) MORNING: Beginning with morning affirmations that motivate.

2) MORNING: A joke-of-the-day, to jump-start the happy mood.

3)  DAY: A mid-day STEM activity for the explorers and inventors. It focuses on engineering design challenges and has prompted to guide imaginative minds.

4) EVENING: Evening mindfulness guide and reflection activities to capture the mood

5) NIGHT: End-of-the-day gratitude writing to record the day, appreciate life, be thankful, and look forward to the next day

What do you need for this book?

  1. Color pencils and/or color pens
  2. Pens or pencils
  3. Your imagination 🙂
3 Ways daily journaling benefits your child

Writing skills-surface inner thoughts and feelings

Importance of these 5 elements in the journal:


1) Daily affirmations

The first part of the daily journaling in this book is a daily affirmation. Affirmations, in general, are known to decrease negative thinking and serve as reminders for positive change. The ones in this book are short and directly influence their mind. They create a positive start to the day- and a great way to lead into the rest of the activities featured in the book. There is a joke-for-day to set the happy mood for the day.

2) Engineering Design Process and Invention Prompts 

The second part of this book covers the engineering design process and invention prompts. It consists of an innovative prompt and a process that guides the kids through a technical problem-solving approach and how to create a solution. It walks the kids through steps such as asking questions to develop knowledge and information, using their imagination to then plan to create solutions, and finally improving upon their ideas. This type of activity can boost children’s creative and critical thinking.

Activities like making super-hero gloves, squishy paints, masks that zips microbes to zero-waste journal cover, and more!

3) Mindfulness guide and reflection

It is a myth that only adults have the ability to control and reflect upon their thoughts when these skills can be built into kids with simple health habits- mindfulness journaling is on them. The next part of the book leads into daily mindfulness. It is a way to clear your mind and when considering being productive during the summer holidays it allows kids to stay engaged and prepared for their learning.

Mindfulness can help kids overcome challenges, take care of big feelings, and learn from their experiences and the world around them. This book about mindfulness for kids provides fun exercises and easy strategies to help your child find focus, develop coping skills, and handle tough situations.

The mindfulness guide in this book guides them through their thoughts as well as reflects on them helping the kids focus on daily tasks, have more awareness of their emotions, and develop a better mindset.

4) Gratefulness journaling 

The final part of the daily activities is “gratefulness for the day”. Everybody can use a reminder for what they are grateful for, it reinstates what is important to them, makes them happier, and helps them build a positive outlook on life. Don’t you think your kid could use the same? This segment of the book focusses on what the children are grateful for today- whether this is an event/thing or a person and allows for them to express it in both text and images of their choice. Overall this way of journaling their ability to reflect on day-to-day life and gives them a practice which they can hold on to.

Download and Print the poster below. Challenge kids to practice at least one act every day.


Today’s generation has so much exposure to both positive negative content with the world developing around us. While this consistent change may bring its challenges to your kids – whether that be excessive technology or unhealthy habits this change has also allowed for learning as a concept to grow.

This summer, let’s remind ourselves that our kids need to build a love of learning and grow their thought processes. This is the exact aim of “The Five Minute Motivating Journal for Kids” whether that be through motivating and empowering affirmations, increasing knowledge about design and problem-solving approaches, reflective mindfulness, or their gratefulness journaling.

Go get your copy of the “The Five Minute Motivating Journal for Kids” now.

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