Energy and Electricity: Build Circuits, games, toys and fun with energy : 5-12 years


Grades: 1-5
Time: 7 projects; 20-30 minutes each

ENERGY AND ELECTRICITY is an amazing book full of hands-on activities. Learn how to make glowing necklace, squishy circuits, LED cards, dancing and glowing pad, spinning dance floor and many more. Smart way to learn about electricity, circuits, energy and conductors. Building them using easy materials from around the house or stores.

Fun with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math project ideas. It is a great way to acquire 21st century skills and STEM learning.

Inside this book you will find projects on:

  • Squishy Circuit
  • LED Card
  • Dancing Pad
  • Glowing Necklace
  • Spinning Doll and many more

Build your own fun project today and learn about energy!