Human Body Activity Book: 8-12 Years


Your body is more than what you see when you look in the mirror – there are different parts that have different jobs, but each part works together so you can eat, sleep, sit in class and play with friends.

Your body is a pretty amazing thing! While there’s lots happening on the outside that you can see, such as scratching an itch, eating lunch with your friends at school and running outdoors, there’s even more happening inside.

Find out more about various part of your body. Super fun book for kids 8-12 years to discover the human body.

It has eye, mouth, ear, nose, teeth, brain, arm, finger, shoulder, heart, lungs, liver, kidney, legs, knee, feet and more!

A breakdown of the body— Eye catching illustrations, simplify human anatomy with information.

Keep lessons engaging— Fun facts, guessing challenges, labelling activities and hands-on experiments.

Fun facts for kids―Did you know games, quizzes and more!


All about the body and its various parts. Hands-on activities, fun facts, labelling activities, DIYs, Challenges, Games, Quizzes on each part. Perfect for 8-12 Years