Make Designer COVID Safe Masks at Home! DIY for kids

Are you tired of wearing the same boring COVID masks? Do you want to turn it around and make it into something fun and interesting? Is COVID making life dull, colorless, and monotonous?

Worry no more! We have fantastic design ideas and tricks that can turn it around into something remarkable, yet safe and reusable.

I am a huge fan of up-cycling plain masks into something bright, colorful, and interesting. You can create awesome designs with simple materials like cotton masks, fabric pens, sharpies. Fabric pens work very well on white masks and they can be matched with any outfit or occasion. Sharpie pens can be used as well. The color can be made to run using isopropyl rubbing alcohol on the designs.

Be it fall festivals, Halloween, Christmas, or simply day-to-day living, liven it up using a dash of color!

Here are three design ideas to get you inspired today:

Make covid masks at home

You can watch the Youtube DIY here:


Materials for the 3 Projects:

  1. Fabric pens
  2. Sharpie Pens (I prefer the thick tips)
  3. Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol
  4. Dropper
  5. White cotton masks

Raw materials for making covid masks at home

Let’s get started with some design ideas. Tie-dye masks, floral designs, festivals colors, and more!

1. Sharpie tie-dye no-mess mask:

Step 1 of making covid masks at home.

Another cool way to get creative with white cotton masks is using “Sharpie” pens. I prefer to use thick tips for shading purposes.

Here are the steps to create a tie-dye effect on white cotton masks.

  1. Draw any pattern on the white masks: I used inspiration from flowers and petals. I used pink for the center of the mask. With inside-to-out strokes from the mask fold, I worked my way out. With blue, I started working towards the edges. Finally, purple at the ends and used for shading.Perfectly dyed dried up mask
  2. Take some rubbing alcohol in a dropper and spread it all over these masks. This makes the sharpie ink bleed and it is so much fun to watch.
  3. Let it dry. It doesn’t smell and the ink is permanent.
    Drying more dyed up masks under the fan

2. Funny face masks: Halloween special!

Halloween special covid masks

Don’t need to worry about COVID and being safe this Halloween. Make your COVID masks and be free! You can use simple designs to make funny face masks and make this Halloween especially unique this year. You can use fabric pens to draw outlines and fill in your designs.

I have these designs you can use.

  1. Vampire’s lips
  2. Toothy monster

First 2 designs for halloween covid masks












Dracula themed halloween covid masks


3. Artistic pattern design mask:

Artistic pattern masks with pens

These artistic design COVID masks are artistic, colorful, contrasting, and striking. You can make them on your own.

I used fabric pens to draw the outlines and filled them in with red, pink, purple, and other colors. Fabric pens are super easy to use, blot-proof, and hassle-free to use. Once dry, the masks can be hand washed with cold water, dried, and used again!


Example 1 of artistic masks example 2 of artistic masks

Example 3 of artistic masks Example 4 of artistic masks


Now you have 1) Tie-dye designs 2) Halloween designs 3) Artistic pattern designs to draw inspiration from and make your masks. Let your imagination run free.

Which one did you like the most? Comment below.

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