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3 Christmas Mandala Ideas for Kids

Christmas is around the corner and kids are super excited about it! Christmas Mandala is a great way to get them get into its spirit while also cultivating their abilities to concentrate. The intricate designs and the bright color options help them remain glued to the Mandala sheet.

Kids love to color them with crayon as their imagination stretches to the limit as they try to replicate all the colorful display splashed everywhere. The best part of it all is that kids get to enjoy themselves expressing their feelings coloring the Mandala. So long they are able to think, corelate and apply, you can set aside rules of applying rules of using specific colors for the objects on the Mandala.

Let them focus on the patterns and forms and let their minds quieten down and enter into the realm of concentration and play with colors.

Here are 3 amazing Mandala that will let children end their busy school session and relax and unwind imbibing the true holiday spirit.

Christmas Ornament and Snowman Mandala

This is one of the most symbolic Christmas Mandala with decorations of bells, balls, leaves, ferns and ribbons making the perfect wreath. The snowman stands in the center with a gift in hand and is just perfect for creative colorful interpretations. Kids’ imagination can run wild as they give each element a color of their choice or replicate those from real life. Refreshing the memory and increasing concentration are two primary concerns in kids that this Mandala can address.

christmas snowman

Christmas Stocking, Santa and Deer Mandala

Santa symbolizes Christmas and no Mandala can be complete without him! Santa riding the sleigh with the Reindeer through the snow is the quintessential image of Christmas. A Mandala sporting him running past traditionally shaped houses are all so intriguing and sure to captivate kids’ imagination. In the center of course comes Christmas stockings loaded with toys and goodies kids are waiting for!  

Christmas Tree Mandala

Kids identify this pine-shaped evergreen conifer with Christmas and will love to give it the beautiful green color in shades of their choice. This Mandala has the Christmas trees in different format making it extremely interesting and engaging. Those that are in the outer circle are clear and prominent letting kids get into the flow of fun. It makes them increasingly focused as the reach the inner circle where several such trees are drawn. Kids can use their creativity to identify and color them as per their choice keeping them engaged and at the same time happy!

christmas mandala

Depending on the type of Mandala, you can opt to let kids do them all by themselves or engage with friends and family members. Give all of them copies of the Mandala and see how each one of their emerge with individual creativity and thought patterns. Share it among them and see how they ask questions and learn more about different aspects as part of STEAM study method.

Make this Christmas a fun time for kids with amazing Mandala.

Merry Christmas!!!

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