Top 5 Lesson plans on Scratch coding for kids aged 7+ Fun with “Motion” blocks

Coding is a valuable skill for children to learn, and Scratch is a fantastic platform to introduce them to the world of programming.

With its colorful blocks and intuitive interface, Scratch makes coding fun and engaging for kids aged 7 and above.

Let’s explore top five, fun lesson plans that focus on the “Motion” blocks in Scratch, helping kids create exciting animations and games while building a solid foundation in coding.


Lesson 1: Introduction to Scratch and Basic Movement

Objective: Introduce students to the Scratch environment and teach them to create a simple animation using the “Motion” blocks.


  1. Explore the Scratch interface, emphasizing the stage and sprite areas.
  2. Teach students to add and customize sprites.
  3. Introduce the “Motion” blocks, including “Go to x: y:”, “Move,” and “Turn.”
  4. Guide students in creating a basic animation where a sprite moves across the stage.

Key Concepts: Sprites, coordinates, movement, turning, and basic animation.

intro to scratch coding for kids

Intro to scratch coding for kids

Lesson 2: Creating a Maze Game

Objective: Teach students how to design and code a simple maze game using “Motion” blocks.


  1. Discuss the concept of a maze game, explaining the goal and obstacles.
  2. Guide students in creating a maze using the backdrop and drawing tools.
  3. Introduce the “If on edge, bounce” block for better sprite navigation.
  4. Instruct students to code a sprite to move through the maze while avoiding walls.

Key Concepts: Backdrops, conditions, collision detection, and game design.

Lesson 3: Animating Characters

Objective: Teach students how to animate characters and objects using “Motion” blocks.


  1. Explain the importance of animation in storytelling and games.
  2. Show students how to import multiple costumes for a sprite.
  3. Teach the “Switch Costume” and “Next Costume” blocks for animation.
  4. Have students create a short story or game where characters change costumes to express emotions or actions.

Key Concepts: Costumes, animation, storytelling, and character design.

Lesson 4: Creating a Racing Game

Objective: Guide students in developing a simple racing game using “Motion” blocks.


  1. Discuss the concept of a racing game, highlighting the objective and rules.
  2. Introduce the “Glide” and “Set Rotation Style” blocks for smoother movement.
  3. Instruct students to create a racecourse using backdrops.
  4. Help students code a racing game where players control a sprite to navigate through the track.

Key Concepts: Smooth movement, user controls, game objectives, and scoring.

Lesson 5: Interactive Storytelling

Objective: Encourage students to create an interactive storytelling project using “Motion” blocks.


  1. Discuss the concept of interactive storytelling and its appeal.
  2. Teach students to use “When Green Flag Clicked” and “Broadcast” blocks for interaction.
  3. Guide students in creating a story or game with multiple scenes and choices.
  4. Allow students to share and play each other’s interactive projects.

Key Concepts: Events, broadcasts, choices, and storytelling.


5Scratch Lesson Plans_Motion Blocks (Grab the PDF here)

Incorporating these five lesson plans into your teaching approach can make learning Scratch coding a fun and engaging experience for kids aged 7+

The “Motion” blocks provide a strong foundation for understanding how coding can bring animations, games, and interactive stories to life. More tutorials here: SCRATCH CODING TUTORIALS AND EXAMPLES

As students progress through these lessons, they’ll gain valuable skills in problem-solving, logic, and creativity, setting them on a path to becoming proficient young programmers. So, fire up Scratch, and let the coding adventures begin!

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