Back to School Teacher Resources: Prek- Grade 5

With the last few weeks left in the school holiday calendar, you must be wondering what this school year might be like. We all know that this school year will be unlike the set pattern that has been followed over decades.

Virtual learning, online schooling might continue, and there could be minimal interaction between the teachers and children.

For schools which have opened, and kids need to be there in-person, students will have to re-adjust to school life and routine. Besides, each of them may have had a different experience with the Covid-19 pandemic. Some students might be apprehensive about returning to school, while others might be eager to get back to school.

In any case, to make them feel welcomed, get them engaged with stories, books, activities, routine work might seem a task that can fill your mind.

You may be wondering like most teachers:

  • How to engage them? What assignments can I start with? Should I create worksheets, online quizzes or classroom discussions?
  • How will the class look like when kids return? Especially for younger children, the sudden shift from distance learning to traditional instruction could be especially jarring.
  • What books and resources will I need? Will I still need digital resources? Since last year, kids have been familiar with distance learning, but they might need to shift to a hybrid learning model once the school reopens.
  • Is there a one-click solution available for resources without having to hunt online for hours?
  • Can I rejuvenate for a new school day without spending hours in front of the computer? Can I switch OFF my teacher brain and enjoy the rest of the holidays?

Here is the good news! I’ve got something extra special for you that will take care of your worries and can get started right away.

We’ve compiled some of the very BEST back to school resources so that you don’t have to waste hours looking through books and other resources.

LIMITED OFFER – just for AUGUST 2021!  We’ve got a k-1 and 2-5 bundles filled with resources to make your life easier and start the year strong on a fun and positive note!

BUNDLE 1: PRE-K-1 BOOKS PACK: Here are the names.

BOOK1: Next-Gen Preschool STEM Guide

BOOK2: Make Paper Fairies and Story Books:

BOOK3: I Can Organize My Own Birthday

BOOK4: Scientific Investigation

BOOK5: Water Cycle – Hands on activity and learning

BUNDLE 2: GRADE 2-5 BOOKS PACK: Here are the names.

BOOK1: STEM & STEAM Next-Gen Program


Book3: Cool Science Experiments for Kids!

Book4: Famous Stem Inventors


Let’s look at them in details:

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Book1: Next-Gen STEAM Preschool Guide: Year-long program and guide to 40+ activities for ages 3–6-years

This all-in-one pre-school guide includes everything your students need to learn about science, tech, engineering, arts, and math. The 61-page book is perfect for kids aged 3- to 6-year-old. This book is structured into ten modules and covers a variety of topics suited to accelerated STEAM learning for pre-school kids. It has evidence-based approach to deliver constructive classroom activities that support the curriculum while also providing hands-on experiences for your children.

Highlights of the book
  • STEM or hands-on activities guide on lesson plans.
  • Information about the world
  • Modern sciences; biology, physics, design
  • Fun experiments
  • Design and play


Book2: Make Paper Fairies and Story Books

This downloadable resource will keep young minds engaged while inspiring them to be creative. It’s appropriate for kindergartners and preschoolers aged 3 to 6. Through pretend play with fairies, it helps them increase their vocabulary, develop math skills and writing skills.

So, besides hands on learning activities, this book will help your kids learn literacy skills, boost their memory and enhance their motor skills in a fun, simple way.

Highlights of the book

  • Hands on learning and investigation
  • Growing imaginative and creative skills through rhymes and poem.
  • Developing fine motor and sensory skills
  • Persuasive writing
  • Generating ideas and stimulating the whole brain.
  • STEM learning and scientific education.



BOOK3: I Can Organize My Own Birthday

This book is another great way for kids to learn about science, math, literacy, games, and arts and crafts. The lessons encourage children to take part in physical activities to enhance their development.

It supports the prepping, organizing, and execution of events such as hosting a birthday party and helps build confidence and leadership in kids.

Highlights of the book

  • Kids party planning
  • Animal facs
  • Math prompts and games
  • Improve memory and literacy
  • Practical tasks to build self-esteem
  • Sorting activities


BOOK4: Scientific Investigation

As the title suggests, this STEM book covers information about animal life cycles, Venn diagrams, and how to investigateAdditionally, this resource contains vivid graphics to keep children engaged while teaching them how to produce a flipbook, create seasonal suitcases, and much more.

What’s more, it’s a fun-filled activity book for your classroom with exercises such as cutting, pasting, graph plotting, book making, sorting, and the likes.

Highlights of the book

  • Science investigations
  • Sorting activities
  • Writing exercises
  • Arts and crafts
  • Learn about animal life cycles


BOOK5: Water Cycle – Hands on activity and learning

This is another science book that contains lots of quizzes, experiments, games, and more to encourage holistic learning. It includes beautiful images to help illustrate the various stages of the water cycle, as well as hands-on learning and activities to help kids discover the world at their own pace.

All in all, it’s a delightful activity book featuring quizzes, facts, information, illustrations, sorting, a question-and-answer key, and other interesting activities.

Highlights of the book

  • Comprehensive learning
  • Growing imaginative and creative skills
  • Developing memory
  • Experimenting
  • Generating ideas and stimulating the whole brain.
  • STEM learning and scientific education

Testimonials (from Amazon.com):

Brittany, a USA based customer says This bundle is so much fun! Even as an adult, I want to do some of these activities. The STEM books are made for preschool aged kids, and it does a great job at simplifying science for 3–6-year-olds. The activities are fun and keeps their attention span really well. This is also a great way to introduce and encourage biology, physics, design, etc. These may sound like big words for a preschool book, but this guide builds a foundation to encourage children to learn and expand their world a little at a time. This is definitely being added to my education arsenal.

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BOOK1: STEM & STEAM Next-Gen Program

Appropriate for ages 6 to 10, this handbook presents loads of information for your enthusiastic learner. Not only does it tickle your kids’ curiosity by engaging them in various experiments and projects, but it will also impart understanding about STEM careers. It will also encourage your students to develop their own state-of-the-art projects and other activities that your students can safely do.

Highlights of the book

  • Lesson plans for 10 weeks of accelerated learning
  • An overview of STEM careers such as science, engineering, architecture, coding, robots, and more.
  • Easy-to-use resource for teachers and educators that requires minimal preparation.
  • A checklist for pre-planning and preparation.
  • Timed lessons based on the Engineering Design Process.



The author has written a fantastic book for creative children who want to work on projects that are both engaging and practical. Using easily available materials and simple instructions, kids can understand what to expect from each set of activities. The author has also rated each experiment for difficulty levels to help kids attempt age-appropriate projects.

Instructions are detail-oriented, telling the why and how of each project, an estimate of the time it will take to complete, and a picture of the finished product. Also, how it factors into STEAM and step-by-step instructions with pictures of the steps if necessary.

Highlights of the book

Inside this book you will find projects

  • LED cards and necklace
  • Lava pen
  • Handmade soaps
  • Shoebox projectors
  • Cloud Lantern
  • Lego printing and much more


Book3: Cool Science Experiments for Kids!

This book features 19 DIY science projects and activities that your young scientists will definitely love. The projects include things like making invisible ink, slime, a spinning doll, handmade paper, a marble maze, a candle holder, a salt clock, and more with a mix of indoor and outdoor activities.

This book includes something for all kids between 6 to 10 years, from pulleys to bracelets and legos to dolls. Furthermore, it will be an excellent resource for days when you need something to keep the kids occupied, such as when it is too hot or cold for outdoor activities.

Highlights of the book

  • Motion and Energy e.g., machines, electricity etc.
  • Math concepts such as time, measurement and multiplication
  • Brain games and crafting activities
  • Fun science experiments like erupting bottles


Book4: Famous Stem Inventors

Children enjoy learning and exploring; all it takes to become an inventor is to recognize a need and have a creative mind; anyone can come up with something new. This is a fantastic book for young kids to get their creative juices flowing and help them realize the value of using their imagination.

They’ll learn about people their age who have invented amazing things like luminescent paper, popsicles, cow poo freshener, and windsurfing.

Highlights of the book

  • Stories of inventors
  • Engineering design process
  • Sketching and designing exercises
  • Hands on learning
  • Creative and practical projects

Testimonials from Amazon:

Gina Stamper reviewed; This bundle contains everything that children’s educational books should have.
Kids will love the fact that these experiments will challenge them while being fun at the same time. They learn in a fun way and can keep up with the writing style. It is difficult to find books that really appeals to a child’s sense of curiosity without being bogged down with learning, but I think that Sumita Mukherjee has really nailed it with this lot!


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Happy downloading, printing and easy teaching!

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